Would You Like To Overcome The System And Discover What´s Beyond?

Well, then we have something in common!

You may have asked yourself ‘what´s the point in perpetuating this cycle of dependence, labour and consumption?’

The answer is easy: there is no point. No deeper sense, no meaning.

If you have realized this you are on the right course to become a free human being.

Life is a miracle. The chance that you are alive, sharing this moment,
reading these lines is 1 : 400.!

To waste this gift within a system of deception, overstimulation
and modern slavery
is rather insane than normal.

But getting over the system is just the halfway to liberty.
The other, perhaps even more difficult half is to overcome yourself.
Society is a mirror. And it´s not a pleasure to look in it though.

As we both are aware of this circus we can now concentrate
on practically overcoming it.

Let´s unfold our potential and be the concious beings we are meant to be!