I would appreciate your support in form of contributing your opinions and experiences.

I refuse to use affiliate-links from shady companies like the one that begins with A and treats their employees like slaves.

Imageraza is not about hypocritically generating money.

If there will be any possibility to support me in a financial way,
it will only come along in reasonable circumstances.

So here are some links where you can leave your thoughts. 🙂




What I am supporting

I know that some projects really do need money to make any progress.
One of them is Human-Connection. It´s a crowdfunded, charitable
social-, action- and knowledge- network.

The team around the initiator Dennis Hack (my Interview with him) made it to an alpha-state and every donator gets a key to join the network.
So besides Twitter, that´s where you can find me. 🙂

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I have no impact on them, nor do I profit from them.